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Welcome to Learn for Less Driving School.

What makes Learn for Less special is our emphasis on low cost lessons. We specialise in longer duration lessons, allowing you to pass your driving test quicker and saving cash in the long run with less time spent on recapping what we have already done. We don't do introduction gimmicks or offers. We start you at our lowest possible price. All our prices are 100% pay as you go, there is no catch. Your first lesson is 2 hours long and totally FREE! with no obligation.

Just because lessons are low cost, doesn't mean low quality, we ensure we give you the maximum driving time, we learn by doing and not by being sat at the roadside, briefings will be kept as short as possible and to the point. You will only be given 1 to 1 tuition and be taught by a FULLY Qualified Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (Grade A) Approved Driving Instructor, not a trainee.

We are a DVSA code of practice member and only teach the DVSA’s official syllabus for learner drivers, we do not push our own program of learning, we also have to abide by certain other criteria relating to professionalism and commitments to safer driving. You will learn to be a safe driver for life, not just to pass the driving test.
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